Advance & Virgin Lining Material

We at process MOST ADVANCE & VIRGIN Fluoropolymer resin like FEP, PFA, TEFZEL etc. It stands for excellent corrosion resistance under the most reliable and world famous fluoropolymer resin suppliers’ E.I.DUPONT inc. U.S.A.

Quality Control Parameters

  • High voltage electric spark test for all lined components.
  • Standard Hydraulic Test of Body & Seat
  • Pneumatic Test.


  • Superior quality with excellent performance.
  • Economical & cheaper alternative to Glass Lining & Special alloy steel.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to the chemicals.
  • Long service life cycle / maintenance free/easily installable, ensuring cost reduction, both in production and maintenance.


  • In the areas where highly corrosive material are used in the chemical process & plants b providing most reliable & high safety factor.
  • For the critical applications mainly in the industries like food, pharma & fine chemicals.
  • To control environmental pollution.